Mother’s Day Cookies

Mother's Day Cookies- Cake by Sarah Jane

What Mom doesn’t like chocolate?  So I thought it fitting when I made these Mother’s Day cookies, to use a chocolate sugar cookie recipe I discovered over on Sweetopia (Awesome site, definitely go check it out, so many great ideas!) a few months ago.  I had been wanting to try it and this opportunity seemed perfect.  I had also just gotten in my plaque cookie cutters from Cheap Cookie Cutters (I love this site, they have everything a cookie decorator could want!) and I wanted to make something elegant, like a Mother should have, something special.  

I baked my cookies, iced them with white 15 second royal icing and waited for that to dry(overnight preferably).  After I did the base icing I made many roses from royal icing on small squares of parchment paper on my rose nail and also let them dry overnight.  The next day when the white icing was dry I piped the word ‘Mom’ onto each cookie.  After that had dried (by the time I finished the first one was dry) I positioned the roses then stuck them on with some icing and piped leaves.  Then I mixed some vodka and gold edible powder and painted the word ‘Mom’ to give it and vintage/romantic feel!

Mother's Day Cookies- Cake by Sarah Jane


Check out some more photos here!

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